by Tim on July 30, 2012

Zero Gravity chandeliers are not your average blown glass lighting creations. While we can light our pieces with spot and flood lights like other blow glass lights our chandeliers are lit in ways others can not be. We have a variety of light source options allowing us to illuminate each sculpted piece of glass from the inside as though it glows with its own energy. The metal provides the strength to display each individual glass piece in a way which enhances its aesthetic qualities instead of hiding them. We use no chains or bailing wire, no multipurpose screws, no spikes or wooden dowels. Works by Zero Gravity Creations can be hung from the wall or on the ceiling. Suspending a piece at any angle is easy gravity is of no concern. Because the MMI allows for a wide range of formal possibilities we can create small scale, a nightlight or wall sconces, as well as large scale custom installations and grand chandeliers. Whatever the application we can design a piece that will work for you.