Magma Build Studios at Under Armour’s City Garage Port Covington

by Tim on September 15, 2016

We started a new company called Magma Build Studios. Our mission for this company is to become an innovative provider of creative spaces for a vast market. Our designers and craftsman will envision, assemble, and install lighting, furnishings, fixtures, walls and flooring to create an amazing space. We have designed high end products from handle and faucet sets to flooring, walls and tables for a productive commercial space. We are very excited to be a part of Under Armour’s Port Covington project. We are suite 900 in their City Garage building. This building was designed,” to inspire innovative ideas and to provide a home for American manufacturing brands whose goals are to perfect local-for-local creation,” ( We share a common space with some incredible companies who make their produtcs by hand from scratch just like Magma Build Studios. Our studio and gallery are now up and running. We will announce a Grand Opening in the near future!

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