Glassblowing videos, McFadden Art Glass

Tim McFadden shares what a live glass blowing demonstration at his studio in Baltimore, Maryland would look like. He also discusses how he got involved in the glassblowing business turning a hobby into a career:

This short documentary film tours the McFadden Art Glass studio and The Glass Grill restaurant. Tim McFadden recounts the frustration and fun involved in the craft of glass blowing. Tim walks the viewer through the process he uses to develop his work. He also explains why he feels that others find a love in the work that he does and invites anyone who is interested to visit the Glass studio and Gallery:

This short video demonstrates the delicate art that glass blowing is and how Tim McFadden works with the medium of glass in his studio in Baltimore, Maryland:

Tim McFadden, glassblower, discusses his background starting with glassblowing classes in college and walks us through a demonstration of the glass blowing process and terms. A student/ assistant also recounts her work with Tim both professionally and as a mentee in the field of glass art.

Tim McFadden give a live demonstration of a large hand blown glass vase in this video shot at McFadden Art Glass during on of the Friday Night “date night” events: