Alexa Dunkle

by Tim on March 3, 2016

Going to McFadden is probably one of the best experiences I have ever had. I used to love the idea of glassblowing, but to have finally found a place that works with you, is reasonably priced, and gives you the pleasure of taking what you made home with you is such an amazing treat! My boyfriend and I have been to McFadden three times in just a few months; glassblowing is addicting and makes you crave more! The staff is wonderful by making the experience relaxed and informative, they are extremely helpful but still give you the slack to make your piece completely yours. We have brought four people with us so far and they have all loved it as well. The people who we have told about McFadden seem highly interested, and loved the pieces that we have made. Those people will be coming with us when we come back, and the many times after that! Thank you for the business you have created, it is truly special and so much fun!