Make-Your-Own Activities

What: Glassblowing workshops in which participants will work with the resident glass artist to blow their own glass piece. The participant will be directly involved in the glassblowing process to create a one of a kind piece. The piece will be available 48 hours after the workshop for pick-up or can be shipped to the participant in a week for an additional $10 per project.
When: Activities are available throughout all operating hours by reservation only. Reservations are available for morning sessions upon request.


ring holder: $45
Ornament: $35
Vase: $65
Bowl: $55
Drinking Glass: $55
Shot Glass: $45
Flower: $35
Marble: $25
Necklace Pendant: $25
Icicles: $25
Pumpkin: $45
Starfish: $35
Apple: $45
Pear: $45
spoon rest: $35

My daughter and I made our own objects this afternoon. I made a pumpkin and she made a wavy bowl. It was excellent! We had so much fun, and now we have beautiful handmade items to display proudly in our homes. I hope to get the rest of my family to attend and make something. It was truly unique.

This was so much fun! I had such a great time making a vase here a few weeks ago. Tim was so helpful and really made it an enjoyable experience. I love the vase that I got to make and everyone complements it when they see it at my house. I definitely recommend this to anyone! I will absolutely be back.
-Caitlin Grimes